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Faq ( For Retail Broadband )
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1. Do we need a Telephone connection?

No Dialup Required :

Only PC is required that gets connected to our Server directly. Apart from the PC, you don’t require any other external device.

2. What are the advantages of using Meghbela Broadband over other Normal Dial-up connections?

Economical :

No extra cost other than the package cost which is almost as low as half a rupee per hour.Meghbela Broadband offers various economical packages designed to suit customer’s requirements,depending on your specific usage and budget plans.

3. How does one face the Disconnection problem in comparison to other connection?

Uninterrupted Service :

PC gets directly connected to our server through advanced switches which provides hassle-free service & constant connection.

4. What about speed?

Speed :

Our backbone network is on Underground network which guarantees uninterrupted service & jet speed surfing.

5. Are We Reliable?

Reliability :

Our Underground backbone network is backed by WI-FI. All our Point of Presence (POP) are backed by heavy duty UPS & stand By equipments.

6. Do we provide the back-end support service?

Support Service :

We offer 24x7, round the clock technical support at all our Point of Presence (POP).Our technical team shall offer doorstep services to it’s customers. All you need is to pick up the phone & register your complaint at our 24 hours Customer Helpline Number.

7. Do we provide security to our customers?

Security :

Your PC will be protected from external viruses both from your hardware end as well as from our software end.We shall provide to our customers specially designed Anti-Virus Softwares to combat garbage penetrating your PC.

8. Is it Economical?

No Hidden Cost :

Pay only as per your need & usage.

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